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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review of "Last Temptation" by Michelle Stimpson

Michelle Stimpson's latest novel Last Temptation is definitely a page-turner and one to have on your bookshelf. The story of Patricia "Peaches" Miller is told in such a way that you think you're talking to your best friend and catching up on what's going on or happened in her life. Peaches, as she is affectionately called, is a 35 year old single mom, with a MBA, great job, nice car, condo and a strong-black-independent woman attitude. She's finally engaged to a handsome man, Quinn, whom she met at her church singles ministry bible study and has become wonderful father figure to her 8 year old son Eric. Everything is going great in her world until Quinn accepts a job in Philadelphia before discussing it with Peaches,considering that she, her family, and friends all live in Dallas,Texas. Of course, Peaches finds every excuse and reason to not move to Philly with her new fiance', one of them being that her son's father, Raphael, is stepping up to the plate and developing a relationship with their son Eric. However, Quinn has his reasons as to why she and Eric should move to with him, but Peaches is too fearful and has a thousand "what-ifs". Best friend LaShondra and Peaches' mom try to convince her that its the right decision to move with a man who is all she could dream of but the one person she didn't ask was the Lord.

Without praying about this situation Peaches life becomes a roller coaster. She loses her job after having to fire other employees to down size. Rekindles a relationship with her son's father that turns out to be the worst decision she could have made. Almost loses her best friend and son. Get's into a fight with her miserably married friend, Deniessa ,and goes to jail. Last but not least, finds herself in the midst of a cult after running into an old high-school friend, who is going through a rough period in her life as well.

This book definitely shows you what will happen when you don't consult with God first before making decisions and trying to do it on your own. It reminds you that God will show you who God is. Michelle definitely puts these things in perspective while including current issues such as the economy in this novel. I give this book 5 Stars!! This is definitely one to buy and I look forward to it being adapted into a movie.

~Peace and Blessings~