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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review of "Last Temptation" by Michelle Stimpson

Michelle Stimpson's latest novel Last Temptation is definitely a page-turner and one to have on your bookshelf. The story of Patricia "Peaches" Miller is told in such a way that you think you're talking to your best friend and catching up on what's going on or happened in her life. Peaches, as she is affectionately called, is a 35 year old single mom, with a MBA, great job, nice car, condo and a strong-black-independent woman attitude. She's finally engaged to a handsome man, Quinn, whom she met at her church singles ministry bible study and has become wonderful father figure to her 8 year old son Eric. Everything is going great in her world until Quinn accepts a job in Philadelphia before discussing it with Peaches,considering that she, her family, and friends all live in Dallas,Texas. Of course, Peaches finds every excuse and reason to not move to Philly with her new fiance', one of them being that her son's father, Raphael, is stepping up to the plate and developing a relationship with their son Eric. However, Quinn has his reasons as to why she and Eric should move to with him, but Peaches is too fearful and has a thousand "what-ifs". Best friend LaShondra and Peaches' mom try to convince her that its the right decision to move with a man who is all she could dream of but the one person she didn't ask was the Lord.

Without praying about this situation Peaches life becomes a roller coaster. She loses her job after having to fire other employees to down size. Rekindles a relationship with her son's father that turns out to be the worst decision she could have made. Almost loses her best friend and son. Get's into a fight with her miserably married friend, Deniessa ,and goes to jail. Last but not least, finds herself in the midst of a cult after running into an old high-school friend, who is going through a rough period in her life as well.

This book definitely shows you what will happen when you don't consult with God first before making decisions and trying to do it on your own. It reminds you that God will show you who God is. Michelle definitely puts these things in perspective while including current issues such as the economy in this novel. I give this book 5 Stars!! This is definitely one to buy and I look forward to it being adapted into a movie.

~Peace and Blessings~


Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Last Temptation" Blog Tour with Michelle Stimpson

Listen here for an Excerpt of "Last Temptation"

Last Tempatation Book Giveaway!

Make sure to post comments! One lucky winner will be chosen based on comments!

About the Book
Patricia “Peaches” Miller finally has the man and the ring she always wanted, but she’s not quite ready to turn in her Independent-Woman-Card to follow her follow her future husband’s dreams. When her ex suddenly becomes re-interested in her, Peaches wonders if she owes it to her son to give his father one more chance. But this last temptation hurls Peaches down a dangerous road that tests her relationships, her faith, and even her sanity. Can sin ever have a silver lining?

You’ll love revisiting the main characters from Michelle’s highly acclaimed debut novel, Boaz Brown, in this long-awaited story of rebellion and redemption.

About the Author
Michelle Stimpson is an author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994. She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002. She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults.

In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking. Her works include Boaz Brown, Breaking Bondage to Biscuits, Divas of Damascus Road (National Bestseller), The Good Stuff, Trouble In My Way, and the upcoming release, Last Temptation. She has written and published over 40 short stories through her educational publishing company at She also ministers to women through her online newsletter:

Michelle lives near Dallas with her husband and their two teenage children. She is active in the Creative Tyme Ministry at her home church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Visit Michelle online at

For More Information

• Visit the author online at
• View the blog tour schedule at

Monday, November 1, 2010

Review for "Single and Saved" by Shelia Copeland

Shelia Copeland really outdid herself when she wrote Saved and Single. An exhilarating story that follows the life of a thirty-two-year-old virgin named Tiffany and the counterparts within her life. Tiffany is a wedding planner who is saved and has been waiting patiently for God to send her the right husband for quite some time. When presented with the opportunity to plan her crush, Myles’s, wedding Tiffany accepts and gets to know her crush a little better. The story opens on the day of Myles’s wedding, however, his bride, a super star actress named Melody gets cold feet and jilts her super fine fiancĂ© at the altar. Tiffany sees this opportunity as being a sign from God. As if God was telling her that she was meant to be with Myles and not the superficial non-Christian woman he was about to marry. Just when things were about to go somewhere between Tiffany and Myles, Melody pops back in to picture and Tiffany is left high and dry by her dream man.

Tiffany’s sister Shay is her complete opposite. A mother of three, Shay is definitely a thrill seeker when it comes to meeting new people (mainly men). She lives with her unemployed boyfriend/babies daddy of 10 years in a very nice neighborhood. Shay is ready to move on to find a new relationship with a man who is romantic, fit, and more importantly has a job, but she can’t seem to let go of the father of her three kids. Flirtatious with every other man except her own, Shay finds comfort in an online dating site where she uses her sister’s picture as her own to find true love.

Deborah is Tiffany’s best friend from college. The two of them have been together through thick and thin. A devout Christian just like Tiffany, Deborah has been waiting for God to send her husband to her as well. As a successful lawyer she is the epitome of what an independent woman should look like. She’s beautiful, stylish, and quick to tell anyone in public that she does not need a man to define her worth. She is known for quoting the phrase, “The devil is a liar” as her motto for any given situation. However, in private Deborah is secretly a tease, very lonely, and desperate to find a husband. When her much younger assistant turns up engaged to her boss at the company’s annual Christmas party, Deborah is more determined than ever to help rush God in the process of sending her a man.

On the day of Myles’s wedding someone left flyers on the cars outside promoting a new website, It was a Christian website popular in helping other saved single Christians connect and find love. After church one Sunday Tiffany, Deborah, and Myles met up at Shay’s house for Sunday dinner. During dessert Deborah decided it would be fun to sign everyone up for the saved and single website, but Tiffany thought it would be best for her to wait on God.Ultimately, each person got what they wanted or deserved the most. Deborah found her Mr. Right through the website. He was successful, rich, fine, and he loved his mother dearly. Unfortunately, he was hiding a terrible secret that Deborah quickly found to be too much to handle. This example teaches individuals to wait until you know your spouse fully before jumping the broom and getting married. It also shows the importance of waiting on God to do what He does and not interfere. If we do, He’ll back off and let the cards fall where they may.

Myles ended up reconciling with his ex-fiancĂ© and struggling to find happiness again. He was too concerned with the outer appearance and physical aspects of a relationship to see him and Melody were not compatible. Instead, his focus should have been on his partner’s relationship with God. The lesson learned here: no matter how bad it may seem a marriage is forever and if a spouse wants to remain in the marriage it is up to both parties to make it work. You can’t decide that you want out after you’ve gotten married and finally see that the other person is not the one for you. Pay attention in the beginning to all of the small details.Shay thought she found what she was looking for on the website; someone better than her long-term partner Norm, who had a job, and who was super romantic. Everything Norm wasn’t. After kicking Norm out of their home, she made some life changes regarding her health and even lost weight. However, she soon learned how much Norm really meant to her family, mainly because the kids prayed for their dad to come back home. On top of that, her internet love turned out to be a sham, therefore, left with no one to call her boo while on the saved and single cruise Shay found God.Tiffany, ironically enough, connected with her love while on the saved and single cruise; despite the fact that she did not want to take part in the internet dating site. After what seemed like one failed attempt at love, Tiffany was ready to make herself known to her destiny. What at first seemed like a cat and mouse chase without a happy ending; persistence, patience, and forgiveness soon rendered Tiffany as the winner in the story. She held on and waited for God to do what He said He will do.

Overall, this book taught me that sometimes you have to take a chance on love, however, if those steps are not ordered by God don’t continue to pursue it. Patience is truly a virtue, and often time’s real love is already staring you right in the face. It shouldn’t take a website or misconstrued perceptions about individuals and his or her profiles to teach us these lessons.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it left me wanting to know more about what happens between Deborah and her bisexual husband. How she deals with his issues and whether or not she is willing to look past his faults and see his need. If Myles will eventually love his wife the way he once loved her before she left him standing at the altar, if Shay is finally happy with her happy ending and new found love for Christ, and if Tiffany can say that it (the wait) was worth it all.

Nicole Duff

Proverbs 31 gives this book 4 stars.

Friday, October 29, 2010

She Died by Kim Brooks

That ole' two faced, back-bitin' fake chick who would
smile in your face and talk about you behind your back
in a heartbeat.

She hated Mondays and looked forward to
Fridays as gettin' ready for the weekend
to get her club and her drink on.

That girl had no problem screwin' every Tom, Dick
and Scary, as long as he was bringin' it - most times
in the form of next month's rent or car payment.

This chick had no problem smokin' and sexin' on
Saturday night, then going to church, lifting up
sin-smeared hands then praising the Lord
on Sunday morning.

She often would lie to make herself look good
in front of others, to further her own agenda, or
simply because she could and get away
with it.

She'd drop a dollar in the offering
bucket every time it came around, while saying
to herself, "God know my heart. He know I ain't
got no money!"

You see, I had to take care of that chick.

Right around the corner in the alley of Detroit.

I had to set her down; she lifted up her hands
alright, right in front of me, then cried out with
a loud voice as passersby heard and looked

They all witnessed the day that she died.

You see, I didn't kill her. I didn't have to.

She killed herself.

The old man.

Or shall I say the old woman.

She had to go.

Besides, after the long heartfelt talk we had
in the alley, I discovered she was sick of being fake,
and she had it up to here with lying to herself
and to her God.

So she took herself out of her own misery, and
put herself in the grave. But you know what, she's
still here.


She looks the same, she even sounds
the same, but on the inside, she's changed.

She doesn't lie anymore, she doesn't cheat
anymore, and she's abstinent now 'til marriage.

She loves God with all her heart, mind, body, soul
and strength. Like the song says, she's 'surrendered
all' - everything, she's given it all to God and told
Him to take control.

So now everytime I see her, she has this big smile on
her face.

With renewed hope and joy in her heart,
she now often shares a kind word, a prayer, or
even a few extra dollars in my hand.

I like this new chick, or shall I see this beautiful
woman of God, my renewed sister in Christ
who has blossomed and is becoming all God
predestined her to be in the first place... even before
the foundation of the world.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:
old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17

Kim Brooks is the Black Expressions Bestselling author of several books including her newest advice book for singles, How To Date and Stay Saved, The Little Black Survival Book for Single Saints, and Christian Fiction novels, He's Fine...But is He Saved? and its sequel, He's Saved...But is He For Real? To read more about her books and ministry, visit and to read free excerpts from her newest book, visit

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raising Awareness: The Little Red Mini-A Conversation on Dating Violence

Our very own Nicole Duff performed in a mini-play hosted by the Delta Theta Sorority Omicron Mu Chapter at Auburn University Montgomery on October 5th. Nicole portrayed a confident and stylist college student who was head over hills for a popular guy on campus and was determined to him make "her man". After accomplishing her mission of being his new girlfriend, she discovers that he's more than she bargained for. During the course of they're relationship he begins to physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse her. Although hearing about his violent behavior in previous relationships, she ignores them. She becomes withdrawn from family and friends and even her physical appearance changes. Her boyfriend becomes so controlling that he tells her if he can't have her no one will and she comes to her death due this unhealthy relationships. The play ends with the Grim Reaper taking her away. Nicole's performance, although at times had some satire, untimately hit its mark and that was to raise awareness about domestic violence. Representatives from the Family Sunshine Center were in attendance and spoke about the warning signs of dating violence and ways to get out of these situations. Brochures, pamphlets and posters where also available to those in attendance to help spread awareness on dating violence. The mini-play is set to be performed at other venues in the near future.

Nicole we can't express how proud we are you for helping to spread awareness on domestic violence in such a creative way that will and has helped many people and we look forward to many more performances from you!

If you are or someone you know is being abused and you're in the Montgomery Tri-County Area contact The Family Sunshine Center at 24-Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-650-6522 (AL) or 334-263-0218 (collect calls accepted)

Friday, October 1, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. And one in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. These are two social issues that women are faced with everyday. To make sure that women stay health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, here are some tips on ways to attack these issues that are taking us out.

*Limit alcohol. A link exists between alcohol consumption and breast cancer.
*Maintain a healthy weight.
*Stay physically active.
*Consider limiting fat in your diet
*Self Breast Exams

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer
*New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).
*Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
*Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
*Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast.
*Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area.
*Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
*Any change in the size or the shape of the breast.
*Pain in any area of the breast.

To help women who don't have health insurance or can't affod to pay for mammograms go to Every time you CLICK, sponsors pay for mammograms.

There is no way to tell for sure if someone is experiencing domestic violence. Those who are battered, and those who abuse, come in all personality types. Battered women are not always passive with low self-esteem, and batterers are not always violent or hateful to their partner in front of others. Most people experiencing relationship violence do not tell others what goes on at home.

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence
*Injuries and Excuses
*Absences from Work or School
*Low Self-Esteem
*Accusations of Having Affairs
*Personality Changes
*Fear of Conflict
*Not Knowing What One Wants or How One Feels
*Blaming Others for Everything
*Aggressive or Care-taking Behavior in Children

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestice violence go to The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Please spread the word about awareness on these issues and help save lives!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

September Book Selection: Saved and Single by Shelia Copeland

Tiffany is used to planning Los Angeles' biggest, glitzies weddings, but her own love life is pretty nonexistent. A God-fearing thirty-two-year-old virgin, Tiffany is committed to finding just the right husband to share her life with. She's had her eye on Myles, her church's sexiest, most-sought-after bachelor. But Myles's obsession with the superficial proves problematic. (In his opinion, "you can learn to love the Lord, but you can't learn to be fine.")

When flyers for a new Christian singles website are handed out after a wedding, Shay, Tiffany's younger sister, secretly posts Tiffany's profile online. Before long, Shay is using the website to get dates for herself—even though she has a boyfriend and two small children at home. Deborah, Tiffany's best friend, also gets in on the online action. She is successful, beautiful, and prides herself on her high, "Bible-centered" standards. But when Deborah meets Mr. Saved-Rich-and-Perfect online, she's not ready for his whirlwind of passion, expensive gifts...and a diamond-cluster-worth of lies.

Now, as hopes rise and fall, illusions shatter, and their personal lives are forever changed, can these three dazzling women hold on to their bond, their values—and their dreams?

About the Author

Sheila Copeland's love for the arts began at a very early age, while attending Karamu House, a nationally acclaimed performing arts center in Cleveland, Ohio. As a youngster, Copeland was an avid reader and by the age of ten had read all of the books in her local branch library. One book in particular about girls in a boarding school piqued her curiosity, and when she was 14, she received a scholarship to a private school in upstate New York. The find out more about Shelia Copeland and her books go to

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Proverbs 31: Portrait of a Godly Woman by Shelia Graham

For thousands of years, God-fearing women have looked to the noble, or virtuous (KJV), woman of Proverbs 31 as their ideal. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, probably had this role model of the virtuous woman in the forefront of her mind from earliest childhood. Most Jewish women did, for this poem was traditionally recited in the Jewish home every week on the eve of the Sabbath.

But what about today’s woman? Of what value can this ancient poem be to the diverse, complex life-styles of women today? To the married, to the single, to the young, to the old, to those working outside the home or inside the home, to those women with children or without children? It is more relevant than you might at first expect — although it is also too good to be true.

When we examine this ancient biblical ideal of womanhood, we do not find the stereotyped housewife occupied with dirty dishes and laundry, her daily life dictated by the demands of her husband and her children. Nor do we find a hardened, overly ambitious career woman who leaves her family to fend for itself.

What we find is a strong, dignified, multitalented, caring woman who is an individual in her own right. This woman has money to invest, servants to look after and real estate to manage. She is her husband’s partner, and she is completely trusted with the responsibility for their lands, property and goods.

She has the business skills to buy and sell in the market, along with the heartfelt sensitivity and compassion to care for and fulfill the needs of people who are less fortunate. Cheerfully and energetically she tackles the challenges each day brings. Her husband and children love and respect her for her kind, generous and caring nature.

But with all her responsibilities, first and foremost, she looks to God. Her primary concern is God’s will in her life. She is a woman after God’s own heart. Let’s examine the characteristics of this remarkable woman — a role model for Christian women today.

To read more of this article go to

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review "Me, Myself, and HIM" by E.N. Joy

"Me, Myself and HIM" was an AMAZING tale of redemption and saving grace! E.N. Joy was superb in telling this gripping tale of a young lady, Locksie, caught in a love triangle between the seemingly “perfect” guy ,her live-in lover Dawson, and the ONLY perfect man, Jesus Christ.

Locksie was raised in the church,well, actually several churches, by her Bible bashing, oil toting “holy roller” mother Mary. In a sense of rebellion, she runs from church once she leaves for college! Since then, she has fallen in love with a fine, kind, established young man, Dawson, whom she absolutely adores. But lately, especially after her aunt Mary’s and her “coffee talks”, she has started to feel like there is something missing in her life, and even her relationship with Dawson is suffering because of it. Then one day she goes to church with her aunt, and falls in love with Jesus Christ Himself. Now the “love” that she and Dawson used to make is no match for the TRUE love that she now feels. But she is confused because she doesn’t know where that will leave them.

She is also “counseled” by her friend/client, Hannah, a mixed woman with extremely good looks, and a gorgeous husband to match. Hannah is no stranger to dilemma. Her husband, Elkan, had an affair with a client of his, (Peni), and a child was the result. Even though she has forgiven Elkan and they have “worked through” their issues,Hannah still is not convinced that her marriage is secur. Especially after she meets Drake.

Drake is a saved, righteous brother who has vowed to keep himself until he is married,and he is also Dawson’s brother. Because of his status and wealth, he has a lot of women planning to “bait” him, but he keeps sliding off the hook, until he has a fateful meeting with the extremely attractive Hannah. From the first moment he falls for her, and was heart-broken to discover that she was already married. Determined to live a Godly life, he fights his feelings for Hannah, but keeps making poor judgment calls that puts them into a few compromising situations.

I loved the book! My relationship with God increased tremendously through this book! Sometimes I would just put the book down and worship! I loved how the author interwove Biblical themes and principles into everyday situations! I would recommend this as a must read for anyone who is in an immoral relationship, or just getting out (and over) one. I give this book 10 stars…but since that would be way over our normal grading curve, 5 will have to do…lol…

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Selection for August: "Me, Myself & Him" by E.N. Joy

“How was Locksie supposed to tell her boyfriend that she had gone off to church and fallen in love with another man…”

Locksie grew up in the church-against her will-thanks to her holier than thou mother. But now that she’s all grown-up, she’s her own woman and church is the last thing on her mind; her live-in boyfriend, Dawson, is the first. When Locksie finally decides to go back and visit church upon the invitation of her aunt, who hoped that by extending the invite, her niece would find God again, Locksie ends up finding more than she could have ever expected.

Hannah is Locksie’s friend who has issues of her own. She’s struggling to forgive her husband for the affair he had, while at the same time be a stepmother to the child who is a result of his affair. And all while the child’s mother taunts Hannah every chance she gets.

In Me, Myself & Him, the characters are torn between holding on to the person they believe is the love of their life, or having to let go for the one thing that’s missing from their life. E.N. Joy humbly enters the Christian fiction scene with a fresh, fast paced formula for those folks who ain’t been saved all their life and can relate to the struggle of walking in the word while holding onto the hand of someone in the world.

About the Author
E.N. Joy writes children's and young adult books as well as Christian fiction for adults. The executive editor for a Christian fiction imprint and a magazine columnist, she is currently working on a young adult series entitled The Soul Sisters. E.N. Joy lives in the midwest with her husband and three children. When she's not writing, she enjoys praise dancing and reading. To find out more about E. N. Joy and her books go to

E.N. Joy will be joining Proverbs 31's book discussion of "Me, Myself & Him" via phone on August 26th! Check out our events calendar for the place and time!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review for "The Ex-Files" by Victoria Christopher Murray

The Ex Files: A Novel About Four Women and Faith” is written by Victoria Christopher Murray. It tells the story of four completely different women whose lives are interwoven by “destiny” as they face the “ending” of various interpersonal and intimate relationships, and move on toward their uncertain future. The author does an outstanding job as she introduces us to four different faces of heartache: Kendall Stewart, whose husband left her for HER SISTER; Asia Ingrum, who is in involved with and has a child by an ex NBA player who suddenly decides to make it work with his wife (Who is NOT Asia); Vanessa Martin, whose husband has just committed suicide and left her with immeasurable pain and so many unanswered questions; and Sheridan Hart, the leader of the group whose husband left her for A MAN! They are brought together when they are hand selected by Pastor Ford to be apart of a Woman’s Prayer Group, wittingly called “The Ex Files”.

Throughout the story, you see how each woman’s decisions from the past still affects her in the now present. Kendall’s refusal to forgive her sister Sabrina and her ex-husband causes her to push away and close herself off to any meaningful relationship that comes her way. Her sister even comes to apologize and “face Kendall’s wrath” and is almost mowed down by her sister. It really hit home to me then how much pain both women were in as the author writes that “they looked at each other through the tears in their own eyes”. Kendall’s hard-heartedness seems to not waiver even when her father tells her that her sister is really sick, and has been diagnosed with leukemia. Kendall is the only person who can help her, but when she flat out refuses to, her father basically tells her he is done with her.

But what was impressed on me the most is that it was through an adulterous affair that her sister was even conceived. Then, when Sabrina’s mother‘s (who was white) family makes her give the child to the father (Kendall’s dad), it destroys Kendall’s mom, who eventually dies from a broken heart. Its funny that the seed that was produced in such an immoral way would go on to destroy the other woman in Kendall’s father’s life: Kendall. It saddens me that he was not more repentant on what he had done, but tried to force Kendall to forgive her sister. I think if they had stopped trying to force her to forgive her sister and her ex-husband, and just let her come around on her own, that the story would have had a happier ending than the one that it does. She does make the “effort” to save her sister’s life in the end (even though they found out that she was not a match either/Kendall found Sabrina’s mother’s other children) but the relationship between Kendall and Sabrina was not to be redeemed.

Asia, to put it mildly, was a TRIP! She was so hurt by the rejection and “betrayal” of her MARRIED lover, that she concocted a story that I saw unfolding, but still refused to believe. She used her own daughter to seek revenge on her ex…but the person she hurt the worse was her daughter. My favorite part was when she went to confront Caroline, the wife, an educated southern belle who DID NOT PLAY GAMES! I thought it was very amusing that when she went to speak with the wife, she just knew that “the news of her affair with Caroline’s husband” would just devastate her, but Caroline would just have to get over it, but when she (Asia) was the one in tears when she was told to GET OUT, she grew vengeful immediately. I never understood how people could cause other people pain but then when it comes back to them, they think the world owes them something. Wow!

Now Sheridan was a SURVIVOR! But the thing that also survived were feelings for her ex-husband (Quentin) who she thought was GAY, but now claims to be “bi-sexual”. As the story unfolds, we see that he is still very much in love with Sheridan, who is in a relationship with a younger guy who is also in love with her. However, Sheridan keeps making excuses as to WHY she could not marry him. Everyone (including her ex) knows the real reason is because she is still in love with Quentin, but she didn’t admit it until it was almost too late. Now, she has to make the choice of whether to move on or to let go!

Vanessa’s story saddens me. I think she had been battling with depression since a very early age. I feel her marriage helped mask it, but when her “fix” was no longer around, she could no longer deal with the pain she had truthfully been feeling for years. I think it may have even went deeper with her own father’s untimely death. I think her resentment and impatience with her mother’s being “too emotional and dramatic” shows that she doesn’t deal with issues. She covers them, and resents anyone who gets too emotional or would “force” her to live through the pain. I also think she had self-esteem issues that hid behind long skirts and an out dated hair do. Her death disturbed me because there were so many signs, but no one caught them.

Overall, it was a really touching and well-written book. I encourage anyone who wants to get lost in a world of fiction to read it! You will enjoy it. Proverbs 31 rating is 4 stars. Until next time ladies…


J Hall

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Ladies of Proverbs 31 have been Hot and Sizzling this July!!!

The ladies of Proverbs 31 have been busy this month! And we have enjoyed every minute of fun. We attended the 1st Annual White Party sponsored by Black Diamonds Book Club Distinguished Gentlemen on July 10th held at the Fort Shepherd Armory in Montgomery, AL. The ladies of Proverbs 31 showed up and showed out!(see picture: Left to right; Regina, Carolyn, Chelsa, Nicole, Alesha, and Jona) We had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed partaking in the all you could eat food and drink menu. We look forward to attending Black Diamonds Book Club's Annual Black and White Ball coming in January 2011. Look out for future updates for the date of this event!

Of course the fun didn't stop there! The Preacher's Kid was our movie selection for our movie night this month and we also celebrated member Regina's birthday. We had a wonderful time watching the movie and we ate waaaay too much of the delicious food that everyone brought. We started watching a second movie but were too tired and stuffed to complete it. I'm sure you can tell that we had a great time this night as well. Proverbs 31 favorite quote from the movie was, "I was platinum before you knew what a demo was!!!" Okay you'd have to have seen the movie to get it. LOL

And last night was our book club discussion of the book "The Ex-Files" by Victoria Christopher Murray. Keep an eye out for updates for a review of the book. All the ladies loved the book! This meeting was held at local restaurant Smoothies N Things, which is a small but cozy place with comfortable couches and great music. This spot was the perfect place for a book club meeting. We enjoyed the Happy Hour menu and the appetizer of choice for the ladies were the tasty chicken quesadillas and wings. Owner, Darian O. Clark, topped off our night by giving each member a slice of delicious cheesecake and for free!!! You should check out this great restaurant by checking out the link at We will definitely be back for another book discussion meeting.

As you can see the ladies of Proverbs 31 have been having a lot of fun and we're just getting started. We have community service projects coming up, in the process of planning fundraisers, and some giveaways. Please continue to stop by for future updates!!!! Don't forget to sign our guestbook! Have a fun and blessed weekend!!!

~ Peace & Blessings~


Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Book Releases...Get your copy today!

1.Inconvenient Friend by Rhonda McKnight
In stores August 1! Pre-order your copy now!

2.Sins of the Mother by Victoria Christopher Murray
In stores now!

3.Holy Rollers by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
In stores now!

4. A Woman's Revenge by Rhonda McKnight, Sherri Lewis, and
Tiffany L. Warren

Available now!

5.Samson by Jacquelin Thomas
In stores now!

6.Flaws and All by Shana Burton
In stores now!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Think you can't work full-time and become a published author? Think again...

Yes, you can work full time and become a published author

Author Faye Thompson used her lunch hours at her day job to write her second novel.

Are you a novelist waiting to exhale? If so, it is time to make your passion a reality. Terry McMillan made it happen and so can you.

Meet Faye Thompson, a government employee for more than 25 years whose recent novel is being compared to Terry McMillan’s Disappearing Acts. Thompson’s second novel, Cheesecake and Teardrops (Urban Trade Paper, $12.95), was written during her lunch hour, vacation, weekend, after hours -- basically any time she wasn’t at her 9-to-5 job.

To read more go to

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Next Read....The Ex Files: A Novel About Four Women and Faith

There are four ways a woman can handle heartbreak. She can fall apart, seek revenge, turn cold, or move on. The Ex Files is the story of these four women:

When Kendall Stewart finds her husband and her sister in bed together, she vows to never let anyone get that close again. But when she is faced with saving the life of the woman who destroyed hers, will she be able to forgive?

When an NBA superstar tells his mistress, Asia Ingrum, that he's decided to honor his marriage vows, her shock quickly gives way to revenge...but her decision may come back to haunt their five-year-old daughter.

Every night Vanessa Martin wonders why her husband committed suicide. Even worse, she contemplates joining him in eternity. Will Vanessa be able to gather the strength to live again?

Sheridan Hart is finally finding her way after a lie destroyed her seventeen-year marriage. Her new love is ready to get married, but will she commit to this younger man or is her ex-husband taking up too much space in her heart?

When their pastor asks Kendall, Asia, Vanessa, and Sheridan to meet weekly for prayer, they can't imagine they will have anything in common. But then a devastating tragedy strikes and these strangers are forced to reexamine their choices. Will they find true friendship, or will prayer -- and their union -- fail them?

About the Author

Victoria Christopher Murray is the author of nine Essence bestselling novels, including The Ex Files, Too Little, Too Late, and Lady Jasmine. Winner of the African American Literary Award for Fiction and Author of the Year (Female), she splits her time between Los Angeles and Washington DC. Find out more on Victoria Christopher Murray at

Also make sure to check out her lastest book "Sins of the Mother".

~Peace and Blessings~


Monday, June 28, 2010

Review for Playing God by Michelle McKinney-Hammond

"Playing God" by Michelle McKinney Hammond received mixed reviews by the women of Proverbs 31. While we all appreciated and understood the point McKinney-Hammond was trying to make, some felt the book was too busy. The multiple characters combined with multiple story lines made it difficult for some to follow, and even finish the book.

Others felt McKinney-Hammond did an amazing job of illustrating how "we" tend to take matters into our own hands, by "playing God." It was very interesting that the readers weren't given detailed descriptions of the five main characters, which I personally thought was executed well, making the characters both adaptable and relatable to any reader.

McKinney-Hammond taught an important lesson in patience, faith and trusting God. Through Tamara, she illustrated what could happen when we get impatient and don't think God is moving fast enough on our behalf. Through Corinne and Jada we learned if we just trust God, the outcome will be better than when we try to handle difficult situations on our own. Through Lydia it was clear that, only until we put God first, will things truly work out in our lives. With Jamilah we learned God always knows best even if it seems our situation just isn't fair.

Our overall rating of the book is a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Be Greater Than Aids: Get Yourself Tested!

Imagine living with HIV and not knowing that you have it. That is the reality for one in five HIV positive Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control. HIV, like many STDs, often shows no symptoms and can go undetected.

As National HIV Testing Day (June 27th) nears, MTV and Greater Than AIDS are encouraging young people to get tested for STDs and HIV by providing free testing sites in 10 cities during Get Yourself Tested Week.

The testing sites include confidential medical centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Houston.

Today, women account for more than 1 in 4 new HIV/AIDS cases in the United States. Of these newly infected women, about 2 out of 3 are African-American. Most of these women got HIV from having unprotected sex with a man.

AIDS is now the leading cause of death for African-American women ages 25–34. And African-American women are more than 21 times as likely to die from HIV/AIDS as non-Hispanic white women.

All people should know their HIV status. The only sure way to know if you have HIV is to get tested.

Also check out this book, "The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful, and (HIV) Positive" by Marvelyn Brown.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hateful Things Women Do To Each Other

Hi everyone! I recieved this email today and I had to share it....

By Norka Blackman-Richards Circle Sister

It's become the silent emotional killer among women. Women who are downright mean, malicious and disrespectful with each other. This trend is creating havoc in our relationships with each other, for it strikes the core of sisterhood. Real sisterhood can only exist when respect and trust stand unshakeable. In this particular, most men are quite opposite to us. For a man, a brother is a brother is a brother. However, what is most disturbing about our malicious ways is that we are passing on a legacy of a broken sisterhood to our daughters. Girls that are mean and catty are usually this way because their understanding is that this is a normal part of femaleness. They grow up to become mean and catty women who perpetuate a diseased sisterhood. To break this cycle we each need to make a conscious effort to validate all women. Be they our friends or not. Otherwise, we will continue to find ourselves moving within circles of female hostility, suspicion, and pain. Here is my list of the most detestable practices that we need to discontinue in order to heal our sisterhood:

1. Talking about each other - You are really not her friend if what you have to say about her is so bad you can't say it in front of her. If you are a real friend you should be able to tell her your concerns for her life to her face. If you have the need to tell others, but you haven't found the time to tell her – red lights should be flashing. Believe it or not, gossiping is not an intrinsic part of being female. Women who gossip do it not because it's a woman-thing, but because they want to elevate themselves and put other women in a place of inferiority. Gossiping is just another symptom of deeper insecurities.

2. Fighting for men – One of the most undignified things that any woman can do is to fight, argue, or curse another woman over a man. It's a disgusting trend that used to be a school girl thing, but today adult women are doing it too. If both of you are in conflict - because his choice is not clear - then that means that he's really not into any of you. He's probably playing both of you. That man really does not deserve love or attention from either one of you. Let him go.

3. Joining female gangs – Women who make you feel unwelcome and unwanted within their circle of friends are not to be trusted. Women cliques have become common in the workplace, at church, in the neighborhood. Cliques are the dwelling place of insecure women. Women who join cliques are seeking refuge from their own lack of confidence by cocooning themselves within this circle of supposed exclusivity. Again, the need to belong to, or be part of a clique is also a sign of deeper insecurities. Beware, cliques are usually encouraged and thrive on a type of gang mentality.

4. Undermining each other – Beware of any woman who can never celebrate your accomplishments with you. It could be a new boyfriend, a promotion, an award, a new job, a new acquisition, weight loss. If she has nothing positive to say to you about it, does not show emotional support, or chooses to remain silent she is not a true friend. Real friends know how to recognize and genuinely rejoice for our successes with pride.

5. Competing against each other – You need to get this straight. There will always be another woman with nicer hair, a more caring husband or boyfriend, better behaved children, a better paying job, a bigger house, a more fashionable wardrobe – there will always be some woman with more of what you don't have. Consequently, the only person that you need to compete against is yourself. Strive to be the best that you can be - for you. Competing against other women to prove yourself superior is a financial and emotional drainer. Because of this mindless competition we become mean, envious and hypocritical. It is pointless.

6. Disrespecting boundaries – To survive peacefully every relationship and every friendship must have clear boundaries. Good relationships operate within margins of respect. Within this level of respect, privacy and intimacy are keywords. Yes, you are my friend, but that doesn't give me the right to walk into your bedroom or your kitchen, unbeknownst to you, and help myself to your stuff. I don't do this not because you won't allow me to, but because I respect your privacy and your things. Consequently, we both need to know and respect each other's levels of privacy and intimacy.

7. Crossing boundaries – This is similar to the above, the only difference is that my respect of your boundaries should never depend on my friendship with you. We need to respect women for the simple fact that they are women. If she is a woman she is a sister. Period. Therefore, from that understanding I will have the utmost respect for her children, her man, her opinions, her choices, and for her as a person. It amazes me how women are quick to disrespect another sister's boundaries, but feel offended if another woman does to them the same exact thing. Honestly, that type of inconsistent behavior can only be credited to some form of mental illness.

8. Exploiting our friendships – This is a major one. Why are you friends? Do you only remember her being around whenever she could get something from you? It doesn't even have to be material. It could just be your time or your positive energy. Does she happen to be always on the receiving side, with you dishing out ton loads of yourself or your stuff? Or is she your friend because of what you represent? It could be that your husband's position or yours, your possessions, your talent, whatever, represents some form of achievement. Is she a friend because that link to you places her on a higher platform? In a real friendship appreciation, support, and loyalty must be reciprocal

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Next Book...Playing God by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Michelle McKinney Hammond, bestselling author of The Last Ten Percent, pens her second novel and explores the heartache that can come when women try to play God in their own lives.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” After seven years as a counselor, the once idealistic Tamara Roberts has absorbed so much of the loss, doubts, and trials of her clients that she begins to question how God can let so much hurt happen in the lives of good people. Corinne Collins’ husband, a respected religious leader, is unfaithful with another man; Lydia Deveraux tries to take matters into her own hands to settle the score between her and her famous but absent producer husband; Jamilah, Tamara’s best friend, is trying to save a young girl neglected by her mother. In contrast, Felicia Sample (featured in The Last Ten Percent) is married, saved, and feeling blessed after a past of indecision and mistakes.

This riveting novel with intersecting story lines will remind readers that God is loving, all–knowing, merciful, and the One completely in control—if only we’ll believe and wait for His victory.


Michelle McKinney Hammond is the author of over 30 books on living, loving, and overcoming. She is the President and Founder of HeartWing Ministries, which hosts annual DIVA Weekend Getaway Conferences. As a relationship and empowerment coach, internationally known speaker, singer and television co-host, it is Michelle's mission and passion to help women and men to first be intimately connected to God and then empowered to become their personal best in order to experience victory in every area of their lives.

To find out more on Michelle go to .

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Bunch hosted by Tonya Terry with authors Trisha Thomas & Kimberla Lawson Roby

First, let me start by saying how great it was that we were able to attend this event!Our Vice President, Carolyn found out about this event maybe two days before and it happened to fall on the date that we had initially planned our next book discussion. We were absolutely thrilled to meet these two lovely authors! We truly enjoyed the question/answer session and listening to what inspired them to write the wonderful stories that they do. Trisha Thomas author of the Nappily Ever After, which is a series, came all the way from Cali and Kimberla Lawson Roby , author of the infamous Curtis Black Series, from Chi-Town. It was a great pleasure to see these women who brought such a warm and inviting spirit to this event. Both of the authors' books sold out and the line was incredibly long to get our books signed but it was all worth it! Shout out to Tonya Terry, WSFA news anchor, for hosting such a lovely event. We look forward to many more.!To check out more on Trisha and Kimberla and their bestselling books go to and

~Peace & Blessings~

Proverbs 31 Book Club

Welcome to Our Blog!!!!!!

Hello!!! The Ladies of Proverbs 31 Book Club would like to WELCOME you to our blog!!! We welcome all visitors and look forward to getting feedback. Proverbs 31 is excited to have you and hope that you find something about us that will encourage and inspire you.

About Us

Proverbs 31 Book Club was found by our President,Terri Davis and Vice President, Carolyn Lucas in 2009. Our first book discussion was held on October 4, 2009 consisting of three members. Since then Proverbs 31 has grown to a total of 6 active members!! And continues to grow! Not only do we discuss books but we also have movie nights with question/answer sessions and attended our first book signing even with authors Trisha Thomas and Kimberla Lawson Roby who is an author on our book list.

We are not just a book club but we are women who encourage, and inspire each other through Chrisitian fiction and literature so that God can shape us into the virtuous women He made us to be.

Please continue to stop by and check out our lastest book, events and pictures! Also check out our 2009-2010 list of books. We would also love to hear from any authors...we're always looking for new books to read. We can also be found on Facebook.

Thank you for visiting!!!

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