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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review "Me, Myself, and HIM" by E.N. Joy

"Me, Myself and HIM" was an AMAZING tale of redemption and saving grace! E.N. Joy was superb in telling this gripping tale of a young lady, Locksie, caught in a love triangle between the seemingly “perfect” guy ,her live-in lover Dawson, and the ONLY perfect man, Jesus Christ.

Locksie was raised in the church,well, actually several churches, by her Bible bashing, oil toting “holy roller” mother Mary. In a sense of rebellion, she runs from church once she leaves for college! Since then, she has fallen in love with a fine, kind, established young man, Dawson, whom she absolutely adores. But lately, especially after her aunt Mary’s and her “coffee talks”, she has started to feel like there is something missing in her life, and even her relationship with Dawson is suffering because of it. Then one day she goes to church with her aunt, and falls in love with Jesus Christ Himself. Now the “love” that she and Dawson used to make is no match for the TRUE love that she now feels. But she is confused because she doesn’t know where that will leave them.

She is also “counseled” by her friend/client, Hannah, a mixed woman with extremely good looks, and a gorgeous husband to match. Hannah is no stranger to dilemma. Her husband, Elkan, had an affair with a client of his, (Peni), and a child was the result. Even though she has forgiven Elkan and they have “worked through” their issues,Hannah still is not convinced that her marriage is secur. Especially after she meets Drake.

Drake is a saved, righteous brother who has vowed to keep himself until he is married,and he is also Dawson’s brother. Because of his status and wealth, he has a lot of women planning to “bait” him, but he keeps sliding off the hook, until he has a fateful meeting with the extremely attractive Hannah. From the first moment he falls for her, and was heart-broken to discover that she was already married. Determined to live a Godly life, he fights his feelings for Hannah, but keeps making poor judgment calls that puts them into a few compromising situations.

I loved the book! My relationship with God increased tremendously through this book! Sometimes I would just put the book down and worship! I loved how the author interwove Biblical themes and principles into everyday situations! I would recommend this as a must read for anyone who is in an immoral relationship, or just getting out (and over) one. I give this book 10 stars…but since that would be way over our normal grading curve, 5 will have to do…lol…


  1. "Wow!" is all I can say. I mean, what can I say after the most poetic and descriptive review I've ever read. I wish that could have been written on the back of the book. It would have been on the New York Times by now. Needless to say, my heart and soul are so very blessed right now. That you Proverbs 31 Book Club.

  2. Yea Jona! this should have been on the back of the book! Great job. You did the book a great service with this review, because it truly was wonderful!! Oh how I wish there was a sequel, and Drake was a real life person! LOL

  3. Awww...thanks guys!

    @ Alesha...I KNOW RIGHT!!!

  4. Yes I agree Alesha...there needs to be a sequel.