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Friday, September 24, 2010

September Book Selection: Saved and Single by Shelia Copeland

Tiffany is used to planning Los Angeles' biggest, glitzies weddings, but her own love life is pretty nonexistent. A God-fearing thirty-two-year-old virgin, Tiffany is committed to finding just the right husband to share her life with. She's had her eye on Myles, her church's sexiest, most-sought-after bachelor. But Myles's obsession with the superficial proves problematic. (In his opinion, "you can learn to love the Lord, but you can't learn to be fine.")

When flyers for a new Christian singles website are handed out after a wedding, Shay, Tiffany's younger sister, secretly posts Tiffany's profile online. Before long, Shay is using the website to get dates for herself—even though she has a boyfriend and two small children at home. Deborah, Tiffany's best friend, also gets in on the online action. She is successful, beautiful, and prides herself on her high, "Bible-centered" standards. But when Deborah meets Mr. Saved-Rich-and-Perfect online, she's not ready for his whirlwind of passion, expensive gifts...and a diamond-cluster-worth of lies.

Now, as hopes rise and fall, illusions shatter, and their personal lives are forever changed, can these three dazzling women hold on to their bond, their values—and their dreams?

About the Author

Sheila Copeland's love for the arts began at a very early age, while attending Karamu House, a nationally acclaimed performing arts center in Cleveland, Ohio. As a youngster, Copeland was an avid reader and by the age of ten had read all of the books in her local branch library. One book in particular about girls in a boarding school piqued her curiosity, and when she was 14, she received a scholarship to a private school in upstate New York. The find out more about Shelia Copeland and her books go to

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